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What kind of shoe polish to choose for soaking leather sandals for maintenance?

Genuine leather sandals are popular among consumers in summer due to their excellent breathability, diverse designs, and high-end leather. Genuine leather is prone to deformation and mold when exposed to water, and it is not recommended to wear it on rainy days. However, with frequent rainfall in summer, genuine leather sandals are inevitably caught in the rain. If you accidentally soak in water, you should handle it in a timely manner to prevent damage to the leather and reduce the lifespan of your shoes.   To handle leather sandals that soak in water, the first step is to absorb the moisture from the leather surface and clean the upper. You can use a clean soft cloth or tissue to cover the shoe upper, absorb as much water as possible, and gently wipe off surface stains. Next, place the leather sandals in a ventilated and cool place to air dry naturally. Do not expose the leather to direct sunlight or dry it with a hair dryer, as high temperatures can cause deformation and aging. The last step is the most important. The leather sandals soaked in water have been damaged and require timely repair and maintenance with shoe polish. There are various types of shoe polish on the market, including paste shoe cream, solid shoe polish, and liquid shoe polish. Which one should you choose?     Hongyu Company, a shoe care products manufacturer in Wuxi, China, has been dedicated to producing various types of shoe polish products for over 20 years. We recommend the shoe polish required for maintaining soaked leather shoes. Solid shoe polish is a pure wax shoe polish mainly used for polishing leather shoes. Liquid shoe polish has a high water content and is suitable for quickly brightening leather shoes. Paste shoe cream is an emulsified type of shoe polish, known as the "skincare product in shoe polish", suitable for curing leather shoes. It contains high-quality care ingredients such as Brazilian palm wax, which can effectively repair damaged leather and establish a protective barrier for leather.     So you should choose paste shoe cream to care for leather sandals that have been soaked in water Hongyu Company, a shoe care products manufacturer in Wuxi, China, produces three types of paste shoe cream: black, brown, and natural, suitable for any color of leather shoes. Hongyu Company provides customized packaging and formula for shoe polish customers nationwide. Welcome to negotiate!