How to change color and maintain vegetable tanned leather

November 04, 2022

Characteristics and Application of Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather has strong absorption and high plasticity, and is generally used for high-grade leather goods and leather carving. For example, many LV bags use vegetable tanned leather as their matching leather, which will make the bags more textured after discoloration. Because vegetable tanned leather is generally of primary color, and the coating can hardly be seen, the pores are clearly displayed on the surface, so it has strong water absorption. In addition, it will slowly change color if it contacts with various compounds in the air for a long time. Primary vegetable tanning ranges from rice white to yellow brown, and then to the final dark brown. Other vegetable tanning colors range from light to dark. This discoloration process can make the unbearable stains and defects left on the light vegetable tanned leather become inconspicuous and even become unique mottled marks. The tarnished vegetable tanned leather shall be maintained, and its surface gloss will be very good.

How to accelerate the discoloration of vegetable tanned leather

There are two factors that can accelerate the discoloration of vegetable tanned leather: sunlight and oil. Like human skin, vegetable tanned skin will change color quickly after being exposed to ultraviolet ray of sunlight. However, excessive ultraviolet radiation will also accelerate its aging, requiring oil to nourish and protect, and further deepen the color and increase luster.

Wuxi Hongyu Company, the manufacturer of leather care products in China, produces 100% high-purity neatsfoot oil, which is a light yellow transparent flowing oil with high permeability, emulsification and dispersion. It can penetrate the vegetable tanned leather lining evenly and deeply, so as to achieve good fatliquoring effect on the leather surface, accelerate the oxidation and discoloration of the leather, and give it a plump and oily feel.

When using neatsfoot oil, the leather must be free of moisture and kept dry. Dip the neatsfoot oil with sponge or wool ball, knead it evenly, and gently wipe it on the leather surface.

How to maintain vegetable tanned leather

1. When daily using vegetable tanned leather goods, pay attention to waterproof and antifouling, and avoid contact with hard objects. For small stains, do not try to wipe them with water, as it will only make a small stain bigger. In fact, when the color of vegetable tanned leather darkens, such small stains will not have a great impact. The best treatment is to speed up the discoloration through high-quality tallow.

2. Mink oil is recommended for daily maintenance of vegetable tanned leather. Mink oil produced by Wuxi Hongyu Company, a Chinese factory of leather maintenance products, is a kind of high-grade natural grease, which can increase the softness and elasticity of leather, make the leather more moist, and the discoloration effect is not as obvious as neatsfoot oil, so it is suitable for daily maintenance. In addition, mink oil will add a layer of protective film to the leather, improving the anti stain and waterproof performance of the leather.

Mink oil is solidified at room temperature. Dip a small amount of it into the leather and smear it evenly each time. Then wipe off the excess ointment with a dry cloth. Touch the leather without feeling greasy.

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