Characteristics, types and use methods of shoe horns


Characteristics of shoe horn

Shoe horn is a great product! The elderly, pregnant women and obese people may have difficulty bending down when wearing shoes. Shoe horn will help them put on the shoes without obstacles and experience a better life!

Shoe horn helps put shoes on without hurting your fingers. It prevents pulling a muscle or aggravating an existing condition like Sciatica and Arthritis as well as other pains and aches.

It is not easy to damage the back of your shoes when using the shoe horn, keep them in shape and looking new without the risk of bending the heel of the shoe, so extend the life of your shoes.

Types of shoe horn

The shoe horns produced by Hongyu company are complete in size and style, providing a satisfactory use experience. We provide mold opening customization of shoe horns, logo printing or laser engraving, labeling and other packaging customization, and provide a variety of OEM and ODM processing services. And constantly develop new lengths and styles to meet the needs of customers.

According to the material, there are plastic shoe horns and metal shoe horns.

The plastic shoe horn is light in weight and easy to carry and store. The plastic shoe horns produced by Hongyu company are made of ABS, PS and pp, the product is thick and smooth, and will not damage hands or shoes when used.

The metal shoe horn is made of high-quality steel. It adopts polishing and electroplating processes to make the surface of the shoe horn very smooth, so that your feet can slide easily and put on shoes. The metal shoe horn is durable and strong, and will not break easily.

In terms of size, Hongyu company produces Mini shoe horns, regular shoe horns, extended shoe horns and multi-functional shoe horns.

Mini shoe horns with a length of 8.5cm to 13.5cm are commonly used for shoe polish set accessories, aviation disposable, and children shoes.

Regular shoe horns with a length of 15 cm to 30 cm are commonly used in hotels, brand shoe stores, 1 yuan stores in the United States and Europe, and 100 yuan stores in Japan.

Lengthened plastic shoe horns with a length of 46 cm to 82 cm are popular in Europe and America, and are suitable for obese, pregnant women, the elderly and other people with inconvenient bending.

36cm and 50cm multi-functional shoe horns, which are often used as advertising supplements.

How to use shoe horn

Shoe horns are often designed and manufactured according to the shape of the human heel, which increases the force area, reduces the pressure on the foot, and makes it more comfortable to wear shoes. First put your foot into the shoe, insert the shoe horn vertically into the shoe close to the heel, pedal the heel in hard, and finally pull out the shoe horn.

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