Efficacy and usage of mink oil paste

September 02, 2022

Mink oil paste produced by Hongyu company is mainly composed of mink oil. Mink oil is a natural oil extracted from the subcutaneous fat of minks. It is non-toxic, tasteless and nonirritant. It is a nutritional oil. After refining and antioxidant treatment, it can be added to leather care products. Mink oil paste is a typical product. Because of the high content of unsaturated fatty acids in mink oil paste, when the leather loses luster and elasticity due to drying, applying mink oil paste on the leather surface can supplement the oil of leather, restore the elasticity of leather fiber and make the surface beautiful as new.

The principle is that mink oil has a relatively small molecule compared with other animal fats or chemical oil products, so it has good permeability, can quickly penetrate into the deep layer of leather, fully moisten the leather texture, make the leather soft and delicate, and will not change the original color of leather. Regular use can help leather resist ultraviolet rays, improve heat resistance, effectively prevent leather oxidation and aging, and help prevent water, salt and sweat from eroding, thus improving the service life of leather goods. Mink oil paste is a good choice for nursing high-end and expensive leather goods.

Mink oil paste usage:

Take an appropriate amount of mink oil paste and do a small area test first. It may darken the lighter or softer leather. Wipe the leather surface with a clean and dry soft cloth or sponge, and repeatedly wipe in circles until the leather is bright, and then hang it in a cabinet with clean air and less dust, so that the oil on the surface can be fully absorbed.

Tip 1:

Mink oil paste solidifies at normal temperature. Please do not dip it too much each time. The oil is enough for the leather to absorb. The extra oil that cannot be absorbed will cover the leather surface, which is easy to be stained with dust and pollute the leather. Therefore, after applying, you must wipe off the extra oil with a dry cloth. Finally, touch the leather surface with your hand to make sure you don't feel greasy.

Mink oil paste is applicable to all leather or artificial soft leather products: shoes, boots, jackets, belts, bags and purses.

Tip 2:

Not all leather is suitable for applying mink oil paste. Because of its strong adhesion and permeability, it is generally not recommended to use it on leather with high oil content such as oak bark, also not for use on suede or nubuck, it is more recommended to used to maintain smooth leather products.

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