Performance characteristics and usage methods of liquid shoe polish

August 27, 2022

Liquid shoe polish is a liquid product mainly used for cleaning, maintenance and polishing of leather shoes, which is processed with wax and polymer as main raw materials.

Technical indicators of liquid shoe polish:

1. Appearance: colored and easy to flow liquid;

2. Odor: slightly with the smell of raw materials;

3. Color: uniform color, consistent with the specified color

4. Gloss added value: ≥ 10

5. PH value: 6.0 ~ 10.0

6. Heat resistance: (40 ± 2) ℃ / 6h no separation

7. Cold resistance: (0 ± 2) ℃ / 6h recovery room temperature can be used normally without separation

8. Non volatile content: ≥ 5%;

9. Non volatile drop point: ≥ 50 ℃

10. Effect on leather surface: the leather surface is free of wrinkles, delamination, swelling and obvious fading

Each batch of goods of the liquid shoe polish manufacturer shall be inspected by the quality inspection department of the factory according to the above technical indicators before leaving the factory.

Performance characteristics of liquid shoe polish

A notable feature of liquid shoe polish is that it is easy to use and has high gloss.

Suitable for middle and high-grade leather shoes. The liquid shoe polish is non-toxic and harmless, and has the advantages of polishing, decontamination, leather protection, waterproof and mold resistance. In addition to leather shoes, liquid shoe polish is also widely used in various leather goods, leather clothes, bags, etc.

How to use liquid shoe polish?

Generally, they are packed in bottles. The bottle mouth has a sponge applicator, just squeeze the sponge applicator and the liquid will flow out. Use the sponge applicator to evenly smear the liquid shoe polish on the vamp, and it will be bright when it is dry; If a large area needs to be applied, you can also dip a large sponge into the liquid shoe polish, and then apply it evenly on the leather surface. After the surface is dry, it can show extremely high gloss.

Precautions for liquid shoe polish

Shoe polish manufacturers suggest that the liquid shoe polish should be stored in a closed container that is shielded from light, keep in the shade, especially to pay attention to closed preservation. If it is in direct contact with the air for a long time, the water will evaporate and dry up and cannot be used. Under normal storage, the shelf life is 3 years.

Do not contact with mouth, eyes and other parts. If it is accidentally splashed, please wash it with plenty of water immediately or seek medical attention.

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