What kinds of shoe polish are there?


What kinds of shoe polish are there?

From the production process, shoe polish can be divided into two types: solvent type and emulsion type.

Among them, emulsified shoe polish, from the appearance, can be divided into: emulsified paste shoe polish, emulsified liquid shoe polish.

As shown in the picture below:

1、Solvent type shoe polish, mainly refers to the iron box shoe polish.

Its packaging method originated in the United States. Its main components are petroleum products such as wax and oil, and oil-soluble dyes.

The manufacturing method of solvent type shoe polish is relatively simple: mix various waxes and solvent oils in a certain proportion, heat and stir them in a container to fully melt them, mix them evenly, fill the molten liquid into a round iron box under high temperature, and then form the iron box shoe polish after cooling.

Usage: open the cover of the iron box shoe polish, apply the oil cream on the smooth leather surface with a shoe brush, and apply it evenly. After the solvent volatilizes, a thin wax film will be left, which can achieve the purpose of waterproof, bright, protecting the leather and improving the appearance.

Solvent type shoe polish is more waterproof, also known as oil-based shoe polish, because the raw materials do not contain water.

2、Corresponding to oil-based shoe polish is water-based shoe polish, that is, emulsified paste shoe polish.

First of all, let's take a look at the first type: emulsified paste shoe polish, which is mostly packaged with hoses.


There are also plastic bottles with sponge brushes, which are very convenient to use.

It is composed of wax, oil and water. It has the function of brightening, cleaning, nourishing and protecting the leather. The effective ingredients in the emulsified paste shoe polish into the leather fibers, making the leather elastic, not easy to crack, and extending the service life. Emulsified paste shoe polish is a little complicated to use. There are several steps. First, apply the paste on the leather shoes evenly, and then polish it with a polishing cloth. In this way, the paste will not stack on the leather surface, and it will be more shiny. The second type: liquid shoe polish is made by emulsifying raw materials such as wax, emulsifier and water. Shoe polish manufacturers generally add a small amount of resin, so that the surface is easier to form a film, and the durability and gloss are better. One of the advantages of liquid shoe polish is that it does not need to be wiped, and it is generally packed in bottles. The bottle mouth has a sponge head. As long as the sponge head is pressed, the liquid will flow out. The liquid shoe polish is coated on the vamp with the sponge head, and it can be bright when it is dry. It has the advantages of convenient and fast use, and is suitable for modern fast-paced life. Therefore, it is more and more popular with young people.

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