The "facial cleanser" for leather goods! leather lotion is a clean and moisturizing leather care product from Hongyu

June 30, 2023

The "First Step" of Leather Care

Lotion decontamination will not hurt the leather!

As the foundation of leather care, cleaning work is particularly important. Wuxi Hongyu, Leather Care Product Production Factory has developed this leather lotion, which is a 2-in-1 multi effect leather care product that integrates cleaning and maintenance. It can deeply dissolve stubborn stains on smooth leather goods, and with a gentle wipe of the wash free formula, it instantly shines.


Moisturizing lotion texture gently penetrates into the leather, and at the same time supplements nutrition for leather fat, making the leather plump, smooth and more natural. After use, a "protective layer" is added to the leather to effectively inhibit mold.This leather lotion is suitable for any smooth leather item, such as shoes, bags, leather clothes, etc., and is deeply loved by consumers worldwide.


As a professional leather care product production factory, Wuxi Hongyu is a OEM factory for well-known American leather care product brands. We have collaborated to produce leather lotion, and the genuine product quality has made the products popular. At the same time, Wuxi Hongyu has established a mutual trust relationship with customers and has steadily cooperated with multiple leather care products.


Why is lotion based leather cleaning product preferred? A water-based leather cleaner can easily cause the leather to absorb moisture and deform. When the moisture evaporates, the absorbed heat energy can also damage the leather. When Wuxi Hongyu developed this leather lotion, it selected the best leather care ingredients and compounded with a combination of cleaning, cleansing, moisturizing, and polishing ingredients. And we use professional production equipment such as emulsifying machines, filling machines, and labeling machines to produce high-quality and stable genuine leather beauty cleansers in a professional process.

Customers can choose different bottle types and customize their own brand when customizing leather lotion. Wuxi Hongyu provides customers with MSDS and provides formula customization and sampling services.

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