What to do with smelly sports shoes


There are many reasons why sports shoes stink. For example, wearing only one pair of sports shoes for a long time, sweating feet caused by high-intensity sports or hot weather, poor material of sports shoes, poor breathability, socks do not absorb sweat, all of these reasons will cause sports shoes to stink. So how to avoid this embarrassment?

1. Change sports shoes frequently

People who like to wear sports shoes should prepare more pairs of sports shoes, change them every 1-2 days, put the shoes they wear in the sun for a while, and then store them in a ventilated place.

2. Clean sports shoes in time

Sports shoes that have been contaminated and smelly need to be cleaned in time. Professional sneaker cleaner should be selected, which can deeply clean dirt without damaging the upper material. Hongyu Company, a shoe care products manufacturer in Wuxi, China, was founded in 2000, specializing in the production of sports shoe care products, such as sneaker cleaner, sneaker whitener, sneaker foam cleaner, to customize and produce high-quality sports shoe care products for global customers.

3. Ensure personal hygiene

Wash your feet every day to keep your feet clean and fresh, choose cotton sweat-absorbing socks, and often clean and replace the insoles, which can help reduce the shoe odor caused by foot odor.

4. Choose shoes deodorant products

Wuxi Hongyu, the manufacturer of shoe care products, has produced a shoe deodorizer with a 99% sterilization rate, which is different from the product that covers the odor with fragrance. This is a truly efficient shoe deodorizer, which can effectively react with odor molecules to remove odor, odor and bacteria. When you go home and take off your shoes, you can use this shoe deodorizer to make a SPA for love shoes.

After using the shoe deodorizer, you can also place 2 shoe deodorizer balls in the shoes. Wuxi Hongyu, the manufacturer of shoe care products, can customize and produce all kinds of shoe deodorizer balls to give Ai shoes different fresh smells. The shoe deodorizer balls can also be placed in the shoe cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom and other places where fresh air is needed.

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