What is good shoe polish

March 03, 2023

The main purpose of shoe polish is to moisturize, brighten, mildew and waterproof leather shoes, and extend the service life of leather shoes. The texture of shoe polish is divided into emulsion, solid and liquid. When purchasing shoe polish, pay attention to the following items to help select high-quality shoe polish products.

The packaging of emulsion shoe polish is usually aluminum plastic hose, PE hose or can. The hose printing should have clear font, high pattern saturation, and regular manufacturer, executive standard and production date. The hose body is full, and the tail pipe is sealed tightly without leakage. After the cap is opened, it will not overflow, and the shoe polish will be produced by gently pressing the hose. The consistency is moderate, and it is fine, greasy, and free of peculiar smell. The hose cap is easy to unscrew and tighten. The main function of the emulsion shoe polish is to moisturize the leather. When used on leather shoes, the leather shoes can restore the softness to a certain extent, and can repair fine scratches. Here we recommend the cream shoe polish made by Hongyu Company, the manufacturer of shoe care products in Wuxi, China.

The packaging of solid shoe polish is usually iron box. The butterfly button on the iron box should be durable and free of burrs, easy to open the cover, and the box body and iron cover should be tight and free of cracks. The shoe polish shall not crack, shrink or smell. The solid shoe polish produced by the manufacturer of shoe care products conforms to the foreign trade standards. The high-quality ingredients can effectively brighten the leather shoes and play a certain waterproof role.

The packaging of liquid shoe polish is usually plastic bottle with sponge head. The plastic bottle body should be smooth without barbs, cracks and moderate hardness. The sponge head should be tightly packed without liquid leakage, and the liquid should be discharged evenly. The liquid shoe polish produced by the manufacturer of shoe care products has many bottle styles for customers to choose from. The high-quality shoe polish formula can quickly brighten the leather shoes.

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