How to clean and maintain rhubarb boots?

February 21, 2023

As a fashion item to wear, many people have a pair of rhubarb boots in their shoe cabinets. The upper of rhubarb boots is different from that of smooth leather shoes. Most products are made of full-grain leather and nubuck leather, so shoe polish cannot be used for maintenance.

Although rhubarb boots are practical and durable, and can withstand the outdoor test without careful maintenance, they also need to be cleaned in time after being dirty. To clean and wear dirty rhubarb boots, first gently brush the floating dust on the upper with a soft bristle shoe brush. Here, it is recommended to choose a horsehair shoe brush or a bristle shoe brush.

If it is only a slight surface stain, you can choose a suede eraser for dry cleaning. This step is very simple. Wipe the upper with a suede eraser, and then brush the surface stains with a soft brush.

For stubborn stains, such as oil stains, it is necessary to use professional rhubarb boots cleaning supplies. Here is the saddle soap produced by Hongyu Company, a shoe care product manufacturer in Wuxi, China.

The saddle soap produced by Hongyu Company is formulated with neutral high concentration foam, which can gently remove the dirt on the yellow boots without damaging the boot surface. It can be cleaned without washing, and is not easy to leave a watermark. It is a cooperative OEM factory of several shoe care products brands, and has provided high-quality saddle soap products to customers around the world for more than 20 years. Hongyu's shoe cleaning products also include white sneaker cleaner, suede cleaner, leather lotion, etc.

Use saddle soap to clean rhubarb boots. The first step is to wet rhubarb boots with sponge or cotton cloth dipped in water. Don't soak in water, just keep the vamp wet.

The second step is to wet the shoe brush or sponge.

The third step is to use a shoe brush or sponge on the surface of the saddle soap to create delicate foam with the technique of drawing circles.

Step 4: Apply foam to the vamp gently and wipe the stubborn stains several times.

Finally, wipe the foam on the vamp with a clean wet cloth and absorb the moisture, then put the boots in a ventilated place to dry.

For the cleaned rhubarb boots, the shoe protector spray produced by Hongyu Company, the manufacturer of shoe care products, can also be used to conduct secondary waterproof treatment on the vamp to enhance the waterproof and antifouling performance of rhubarb boots in the outdoor.

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