How can leather shoes shine?

February 17, 2023

Shoes polishing service in Europe has a history of hundreds of years. For Europeans, shoes are like their faces. It has become a habit of Europeans to keep shoes clean and bright before going out. In the World Shoe Polishing Competition held in recent years, the contestants rubbed a pair of leather shoes with water and light, making everyone realize that shoe polish is not only to add nutrition to leather shoes to prolong their life. A pair of polished leather shoes is an important weapon to match a gorgeous suit. It will make you leave the impression of being a gentleman, neat and decent. Someone said that the taste and status of a man depends not only on his clothes and wristwatch, but also on the shoes on his feet. As a gentleman, in addition to having the vision and money to buy a pair of good shoes, you should also learn some daily leather shoes maintenance.

How on earth can leather shoes shine like mirrors? The customized production factory of shoe care products, Wuxi Hongyu Company, China, provides you with professional advice.

First, use a dedusting shoe brush, preferably a long-haired horse-hair shoe brush with moderate hardness and softness, to brush the dust stains on the surface of leather shoes. If the surface dirt is stubborn, choose a bottle of leather cream to use together.

Then, choose a bottle of shoe cream rich in high-quality oil to nourish the leather shoes, either hose or bottle. Apply the shoe cream evenly on the upper with clean cotton cloth, and wait for 10 minutes for the shoes to absorb the nutrition of the shoe cream. Then choose a bristle shoe brush to evenly brush the cream. After this step, the shoes have regained nutrition, and also have a certain brightness.

The next step is to make leather shoes brighter! Wrap clean cotton shoe polish cloth on your fingers, dip in shoe wax, that is, waxy shoe polish, and usually use solid shoe polish packaged in iron boxes and cans to smear it on leather shoes in the way of drawing circles. After evenly applying, stick a drop of water on the upper, evenly apply and polish. Patiently shoe wax, drip and polish the shoes, and repeat the steps until the upper shows a satisfactory gloss.

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