How to recover the deformed leather shoes?

February 03, 2023

Reasons for deformation of leather shoes

There are many reasons that lead to the deformation of leather shoes. Common ones are: walking method when wearing, squeezing caused by foot shape, soaking in rain, sweating caused by high body temperature, wearing the same pair of leather shoes for a long time, overweight and other reasons, which will lead to the deformation and deformation of leather shoes.

Methods to prevent deformation of leather shoes

1. When walking on the ground with stable leather, choose to wear leather shoes, especially when leather shoes have leather soles, and avoid the pitted ground. Therefore, it is more suitable to wear sports shoes when traveling.

2. Keeping the correct pace when walking can reduce the distortion of leather shoes.

3. When purchasing, you should choose the leather shoes that are suitable for your foot type and comfortable to wear. For fat feet, you can choose the leather shoes that are one size larger, then put in the insole to reduce the squeeze on the leather shoes.

4. People who are too tall and overweight should choose thick leather shoes.

5. Do not wear leather shoes in rainy days. Soaking in rain will lead to deformation and even mildew of leather shoes.

6. When the temperature is higher due to overheated weather, and more sweat is produced, you should choose breathable shoes. Too much sweat soaked into leather will also cause deformation of leather shoes.

7. Leather shoes should be worn in turn with other shoes to give them time for full relaxation and recovery. It is recommended to wear the same pair of leather shoes 1-2 days later and put them in shoe cabinet for several days.

8. Do not expose leather shoes to high temperature. After wearing, the leather shoes should be cleaned with clean soft cloth in time, and then maintained with shoe polish, and stored in a cool and dry shoe cabinet. Many high-quality shoe polish brands have chosen China's shoe care products manufacturing factory, Wuxi Hongyu Company, to customize and produce high-quality shoe polish for them.

Hongyu company has a complete range of shoe polish, which can meet customers' customized needs for different shoe polish.

Hongyu has more than 100 professional production equipment, such as injection molding machines, emulsifying machines, filling machines, labeling machines, plastic suction machines, etc. The integrated shoe polish production capacity can strictly control the product cost and ensure the interests of customers.

9. When wearing leather shoes, do not plug them hard, so that the heel of the shoes will easily wrinkle and deform. Shoes should be worn with a shoe horn. Hongyu Company, the manufacturer of shoe care products, produces various types of shoe horns of different lengths, providing high-quality customized shoe horns for supermarkets and shoe enterprises.

Recovery method of leather shoe deformation

The leather shoes have been deformed. In order to maximize the recovery, after using shoe polish to soften and repair the leather, you can choose shoe brace and waste newspaper to support the leather to a satisfactory shape. The leather shoes should also be propped up in time after wearing, which can prevent the collapse of the leather shoes and prolong the life of the leather shoes.

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