How to take care of leather clothes

January 11, 2023

Genuine leather clothes are generally divided into sheepskin leather clothes with soft feel and fine leather, and cowhide leather clothes with strong shape and wear resistance. Because the leather is soft, you need to pay more attention to prevent it from being cut by hard or sharp objects during wearing.

The main component of leather coat is protein, so it is easy to get damp and mildew. Mold is the main cause of fur mildew, and moisture is the root of mold reproduction. Once the leather coat becomes damp and moldy, it will lose its luster, and the leather fiber will be damaged, affecting the life of the leather coat. Therefore, in the normal storage process, the leather clothes that are not worn should be kept clean and stored in a ventilated and dry environment. Also, do not wear leather clothes in rainy days, which will cause the leather to swell and become moldy. If it has become moldy, you can dip it in water with a soft cloth, wring it dry, wipe the surface of the leather coat, and then dry it in a ventilated place. Do not expose it to the sun. The dried leather clothes are treated with leather cream, which helps to restore the luster and oil of the leather clothes. Hongyu Company, a manufacturer of leather care products in China, provides customers around the world with the OEM processing of multi-functional leather cream. It uses high-quality carnauba wax as the main raw material. The leather cream has the effects of decontamination, nourishment, brightening and mildew prevention on leather clothing.

When storing leather clothes, they should be hung in the wardrobe with a non-marking hanger, and should not be folded for storage, nor should they be stacked with other clothes. Otherwise, the leather coat is prone to wrinkles, and even the cortex is cracked. In case the leather coat is wrinkled, cover it with a thin cloth, and then iron it with a low temperature electric iron. The temperature must not be too high to prevent the leather coat from scorching or fading. Never use an electric iron to directly contact the leather surface.

If the leather coat is accidentally stained, do not wipe it hard, otherwise the leather is easy to deform and age. Leather clothes can be cleaned with the leather lotion developed by the manufacturer of leather care products, Hongyu Company. Before use, small area tests should be carried out on the concealed parts. After cleaning, use leather cream to care again and nourish the leather coat.

When the leather coat loses its luster after wearing for a long time, you can also use the leather cream to brighten it. When you use it, you can use a small amount of clean soft cloth to smear it on the leather coat for many times, which can keep the leather soft and shiny, and extend its service life.

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