Maintenance Method of Oil Wax Leather


What is oil wax?

Wax hide is made from cow hide after oil tanning and dyeing. After a lot of oil treatment, the leather feels soft, smooth and elastic, and looks oily and shiny. Because it is rich in a large amount of grease, waxy leather is not easy to get moldy and peculiar smell, has unique natural wrinkles, and is more wear-resistant, so it is the best choice for making middle and high grade leather products.

Maintenance of oil wax leather goods

Wax peel is rich in oil, so it is easy to take care of it on weekdays. Clean cotton cloth can often be used to remove the dust on the surface of leather products to prevent the dust from clogging the pores. If you accidentally scratch the leather goods, you can use a clean cotton cloth to repeatedly gently wipe the scratches until they disappear. Since waxy leather is a kind of heavily oiled leather, it also needs to be supplemented with a large amount of high-quality grease. It is more recommended to use natural animal fat: mink oil. We recommend you a mink oil with excellent effect. It is a leather care products factory in China named Hongyu Company, produces high-purity mink oil. It can soften and nourish the oily wax, and play a certain role in antifouling and waterproof. Hongyu company is a long-term OEM factory of famous leather care brands in Europe, with advanced production technology and technology of mink oil. When using mink oil to care oil wax leather goods, a small amount of it should be dipped several times, evenly smeared on the oil wax leather goods, and repeatedly circled many times to ensure full absorption.

Taboos of oil wax

Oil wax should not be wiped with water or aqueous care products. After the baptism of time, the oil wax skin will change color naturally, showing an effect of antique art. However, wiping the waxy leather with water will cause partial discoloration and blackening of the leather surface, which will affect the appearance of leather products and is not easy to recover. If any drink or oil stain is accidentally spilled on the oil wax, it should be promptly absorbed with a clean cotton cloth.

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