Important precautions for using leather goods in summer


1. No exposure to high temperature

Leather is rich in oil, and the water in oil is easy to evaporate under high temperature. When leather products are exposed to high temperature for a long time, the water loss will easily lead to fading, glossiness reduction, hardening and even cracking. Therefore, leather goods that are not used at ordinary times should be placed in a ventilated and cool cabinet and stored in a cotton dustproof bag.

2. Choose the cleaner carefully

When cleaning leather products with stains in summer, try to choose the cleaning+maintenance two in one cleaning cream. Because the detergent of aqueous solution will be damaged under high temperature evaporation. Here we recommend a leather lotion, which is developed and manufactured by Hongyu Company, a leather care products factory in Wuxi, China. It can not only clean leather effectively and gently, but also moisturize leather with lotion texture. It is a multi effect leather care product.

3. Timely handle sweat stains

The armpit bags commonly used by beauties in summer, the leather shoes still worn by gentlemen in summer, and the leather backpacks of office workers are usually the hardest hit areas with sweat stains. The sweat is corrosive to a certain extent. If it is dipped in the leather for a long time, it will harden and deform the leather. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe off the sweat stains on the leather products frequently to facilitate the maintenance of leather products.

4. Prevent mildew

The main reason why leather goods are easy to mildew in summer is that the humidity is high and there is much rain in summer. Leather products are often wet and rainy by accident. Without timely cleaning and maintenance, mold will be produced, which will seriously affect the appearance and damage the leather tissue, causing damage to the leather products. Therefore, when using leather goods in summer, try to avoid rainy weather and store them in dry cabinets. If the leather product has gone mouldy, it should be dipped in a soft cloth and lightly wiped with a small amount of water to remove the mold. After it is dried in a cool and ventilated place, professional leather care products should be used to repair the leather product. The leather care cream produced by Wuxi Hongyu Company is rich in natural grease, which can penetrate into the leather interior to moisturize the tissues, effectively prevent mildew, and prolong the service life of leather products.

5. Regular maintenance

Leather should not be maintained after being damaged, so your leather may not be able to recover to a perfect state. It is not recommended to use the commonly used leather products every day. Only by using them once a few days can the leather be effectively relaxed and restored to its original state. In summer, leather care cream should be used to protect leather products regularly. It is recommended to use it once every 1-2 weeks to replenish grease for leather.

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