Caring and cleaning of smooth leather


What is smooth leather?

Smooth leather is very commonly used in daily life. The higher the width and density, the better the quality of leather. As smooth leather is rich in oil, and it is difficult for liquid to penetrate after surface dyeing, its application range is multi-purpose, and it is commonly used to produce bags, leather shoes, harness, furniture and car interior.

Caring of smooth leather

Although smooth leather is not easy to be stained with dust due to its smooth surface, regular care is also required to maintain its softness. When it loses luster, you can polish it with leather care cream. Just dip a small amount of leather care cream in the cloth, lightly rub it for several times, and then polish it, which is enough to make the smooth leather recover its softness and luster, and extend its service life. Wuxi Hongyu, a Chinese manufacturer of leather care products, provides customized leather care cream products to provide unique brand products for global customers. The same pair of smooth leather shoes should not be worn every day, but every few days to let the leather relax and breathe regularly.

Cleaning of smooth leather

Usually, you can often use a soft cloth to wipe smooth leather products to remove fine dust and maintain glossiness. To remove stubborn stains on smooth leather products, it is best to use professional leather lotion. The leather lotion produced by Wuxi Hongyu Company, a Chinese leather care products factory, can remove stubborn stains on smooth leather products and replenish and repair leather fat. Wuxi Hongyu has produced a series of cleaning products for different leathers. If the smooth leather is mouldy, it should be handled in time. After the mouldy spots are wiped off with a soft cloth, the skin should be treated with leather lotion and leather care cream. Unused smooth leather goods should be stored in a dustproof bag in a cool and dry place.

Waterproofing of smooth leather

Smooth leather itself is not waterproof, so it is not suitable for use in rainy and snowy days. The shoe protector spray customized by the Chinese leather care products factory can be used for waterproof treatment. Clean the smooth leather before using shoe protector spray, otherwise the dust will penetrate into the leather depth. The unique formula of shoe protector spray can firmly bond the leather, form a waterproof barrier for several weeks, and protect the smooth leather from pollution.

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