Tips for leather boot maintenance

November 28, 2022

Leather boots are very popular in spring, autumn and winter. It is made of genuine leather or PU leather, and the tube is high above the ankle bone. Both short boots and long boots need daily cleaning and maintenance to better maintain their shape and leather.

Problems easily encountered in leather boots and solutions

1、 How to keep new leather boots

In case of smooth leather boots, apply a layer of shoe polish before wearing. The shoe polish can be filled into the leather pores to add a layer of oil film protection layer to the boots, which is convenient for future care.

2、 Leather boots are easy to deform and wrinkle after being worn for a long time

The daily maintenance, wearing frequency, natural bending in the wearing process and storage mode of leather boots are the main reasons affecting the shape of boots. At the beginning of wearing new leather boots, the correct way should be used to maintain them.

1. Daily maintenance:

Apply shoe polish to leather shoes regularly every week, which can play a role in maintenance, cleaning, mildew prevention, shining boots, and can also increase certain waterproof capacity. The shoe cream, tin of shoe polish, liquid shoe polish and shoe shine produced by Hongyu Company, a shoe care products factory in Wuxi, China, are all hot selling items of shoe polish series.

Don't wear leather boots in rainy days. Moisture will make leather, especially leather, absorb water and cause deformation and mildew.

Do not expose the leather boots to the sun. High temperature will easily cause the leather to lose oil and crack.

After the boots are dirty, clean them with shoe polish in time to prevent stains from corroding the leather and damaging the leather fiber.

2. Wearing frequency:

It is recommended to wear a pair of leather boots alternately with other boots after 2-3 days. During this period, use tools to restore the shape of the boots, and also avoid the odor and bad smell caused by long-term wear.

3. Storage method

When not in use, first clean the leather boots with shoe polish, and then hang the leather boots in a dry shoe cabinet with shoe braces to fix the shape of the boots. Hongyu Company has developed a series of products around shoes, including short boot shapers and long boot shapers, which are suitable for boots of various lengths and sizes.

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