Maintenance method of leather sofa


Leather sofa is usually made of cow leather, pig leather and other kinds of leather. It has a full feel, soft and elastic. It is loved by many people because of its luxurious style and durable material. But the leather sofa, like leather shoes, leather bags and other leather goods, needs regular maintenance to maintain a stable state.

Common problems and solutions of leather sofa

1. Hardening cracking

The leather of the dermis is rich in pores. If the ambient temperature is too dry or wet, it will aggravate the aging of the leather. If the sofa is placed in a sunny place for a long time, the rise of leather temperature will lead to oil volatilization, and the leather will become dry and cracked. If the sofa is close to the air conditioner, the direct blowing of cold and hot air will also make the leather hard. If you often wipe the sofa with water or wax, these incorrect maintenance methods will lead to the loss of leather oil and the adhesion of leather fibers. At this time, professional leather cream should be selected for monthly maintenance to improve the leather life.

2. Moldy

In rainy summer, the leather sofa is in extremely high air humidity for a long time, and easy to contact the sweat dirt of the human body, which will produce mold. With the help of high temperature, mold will continue to breed, which will cause the leather to lose luster, and even break and mildew the leather fiber. If you use HONCO leather cream every week, it can effectively prevent the leather from mildewing and add a layer of "protective cover" to the sofa. Don't wait for the sofa to become mouldy before processing, as the leather has been injured, it is difficult to return to the original.

Hongyu company, a leather care products factory in Wuxi, China, has been focusing on the development and production of leather care and shoe care products for more than 20 years, providing high-quality customized products for many customers at home and abroad. With continuous formula improvement, the leather cream has multiple functions of decontamination/glazing/waterproof/mildew proof/softening leather, and has been popular in the market for many years.

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