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  • What is the main function of shoe protector spray?

    The shoe protector spray produced by our company can help guard against rain, snow salt and stains, prolonging the life of your shoes and garments. Also aids in the prevention of cracking, fading, discolouration and premature aging. It great for all genuine or man-made leathers, suede, nubuck and fabric.

  • What are the characteristics of shoe deodorizer for shoes?

    The shoe deodorant spray produced by our company has been tested by the authority. The average sterilization rate is greater than 99%.

  • Is shoe cleaner suitable for all shoes?

    We produce various kinds of shoe cleaners for shoes of different materials. Foam cleaner is great on sneakers, leather, etc. Suede cleaner is great on suede, nubuck, etc.

  • Does shoe shine include shoe polish?

    YES. The transparent premium silicone oil soaked sponge in a plastic box that is easy to apply on the shoes of all colors. Best for shining and cleaning purpose. Lightly brush sponge over entire shoes, without the hassle of brush, cloth or shoe polish.

  • Is the shoe shine kit suitable for all types of shoes?

    Of course! The shoe shine kit is excellent for use upon leather boots, military shoes, outdoor hiking shoes, hunting footwear, work shoes, sports shoes, formal or fashion footwear and law enforcement shoes. To bring used leather and materials back to life, you can use the brushes and buffing cloth of the set to incorporate shoe polish into the surface of the shoes.

  • What color of leather shoes can be suitable for the shoe polish of neutral color?

    All colors can be suitable for neutral color.

  • Do you have factory?

    Yes, our factory was established in 2000.

  • How about products quality?

    Quality is our culture. Years of production experience and high-quality raw materials make sure our quality is high standard.

  • Is your products Eco-friendly?

    Our products can be production with environmentally friendly materials.

  • Can you provide OEM production?

    Yes, we have rich experience on OEM production. The brand, design, size, weight, package can be customized as per your request.

  • Regular FAQ

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