How to maintain sneakers?

October 28, 2022

Cleaning of sneakers

After the sneakers are dirty, they should be cleaned in time to avoid the deep contamination of the fabric. They can be washed by water or dry cleaning, and they’re better not to wash it by washing machine or soak it in water for a long time. Leather sneakers should not be soaked in water.

In order to make the appearance of the sneakers more beautiful without deformation, do not use a stiff brush or overexert when shoe brushing process, and do not use fingernail or sharp tools to cut the corners of the printed patterns on the vamp. When washing shoes, take out the insole, gently brush with a soft brush, and finally rinse.

The shoe cleaner factory suggests that you can use the best sneaker cleaner with a brush scrubber applicator to gently brush the nylon mesh cloth and leather on the sports shoes, and finally use a soft shoe polish cloth to wipe the sewage on the vamp.

You can also use sneaker foam cleaner to dry clean shoes, apply foam evenly on the vamp, brush off stains with a shoe brush, and finally use a clean soft cloth to wipe off excess foam and dirty sewage, and dry them.

The cleaned sneakers should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight. Do not use heating or fire to dry, so as to avoid aging, peeling, fading and serious deformation. Excessive direct sunlight, hot air from the hair dryer and improper care can reduce the service life of shoes.

White sneakers may cause permanent yellowing marks due to sun exposure and oxidation. At this time, sneaker whitener should be used to cover up yellowing. After removing the stains on the surface of sneakers with sneaker cleaner, smear the sneaker whitener produced by the shoe care products manufacturer evenly to dry. The yellowing effect is very good, just like new shoes! The sneaker whitener also plays the role of isolation protection, delaying the re yellowing.

Storage of sneakers

It is inevitable that your feet will sweat during sports, which will cause the stink of shoes. The stink will also affect your life. You can put 2 shoe deodorizer balls in your shoes to achieve fast deodorization. The shoe deodorizer balls produced by Wuxi Hongyu Company, a Chinese shoe polish manufacturer, can be customized in various fragrances and colors.

If you wear the same pair of sneakers for a long time, it is easy to cause bacteria breeding, and it is easy to cause beriberi. Therefore, we need to removes stink and bacteria on shoes irregularly. The shoe deodorizer spray produced by Wuxi Hongyu Company, a Chinese shoe deodorizer factory, has been tested by professional institutions, the antibacterial activity rate of over 99%. The product can actively reacting with the bad smell molecules, removes odor, stink and bacteria.

Selection of sneakers

1. It is better to prepare more than two pairs of sneakers for daily replacement.

2. Do not wear jogging shoes for basketball, football and other strenuous sports.

3. In order to prolong the service life of sneakers, use professional shoe cleaner as much as possible.

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