How to use shoe polish to maintain leather shoes more durable


Maintenance of leather shoes

The newly bought leather shoes should first apply a layer of shoe polish before wearing, so that there is an oil film protective layer on the surface of the leather shoes. If the leather shoes are slightly scratched in the process of wearing, the oil film will block the front, and the leather surface will be less damaged, so it not only protects the leather, but also makes the leather shine more beautiful, and it will be bright after being polished. This is because the surface of the new leather shoes is full of pores. Wipe it with shoe polish first and fill it up. It will save much effort in the future care.

The leather shoes should be polished frequently, which determines whether the leather shoes are durable. Don't think that old leather shoes don't need shoe polish. If the upper has been wrinkled, it is more necessary to polish the shoe polish frequently. Generally, oil the leather shoes 1-2 times a week.

Wear shoes correctly

1. Avoid wearing leather shoes in sports, cycling, rainy days and snowy days.

2. When it is inconvenient to wear new leather shoes, do not pull them hard. When taking off leather shoes, do not take off one shoe by stepping on the heel of the other. Learn to use a shoe horn.

How to use shoe polish

Clean the leather shoes with a cloth first, and then apply a thin layer of shoe polish evenly with a clean soft cloth or soft fur shoe brush. Rub more shoe polish on the wrinkled or easily wrinkled areas. Wait a moment for it to be absorbed, wipe off the excess shoe polish, and polish the leather shoes with polishing cloth for many times until they are bright.

Precautions in rainy days

It is not allowed to wear leather shoes as rain boots, because the leather fiber tissue has countless pores, which will expand and become soft when encountering water, and easily deform the leather shoes. If the leather shoes are wet by rain, first dry the vamp with a soft cloth, and then apply a layer of shoe polish according to the use method of shoe polish. The seriously soaked leather shoes can be exposed to the sun for a while when the sun is light, but not more than an hour. If the sun is exposed for too long, the leather will shrink, become brittle and crack, and the life of the leather shoes will be shortened.

The above are some suggestions from shoe polish factory. I hope all of you to help!

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