Classic! Multi functional "leather care cream" - Step 1 to complete leather care from Hongyu


Leather decontamination → nourishment → polishing → mold prevention

You can take one step with this one!

If leather goods are not maintained and cared for for a long time, the oil film on the surface will disappear or be damaged and lost, and the leather will scratch and lose its luster even if it is slightly rubbed. Wuxi Hongyu Leather Care Product Production Factory has developed this leather care cream, which is a multifunctional leather care product that combines multiple functions. It can renovate and repair the oil film on the leather surface, inject high-quality oil that forms the oil film, increase the softness of the leather, and enhance the toughness of the leather fibers. It integrates functions of decontamination, nourishment, polishing, and mold prevention.

Imported high-quality natural wax enhances brightness by 20% and lasts for more than a week, keeping your leather goods high-end, atmospheric, and upscale! This leather care cream is suitable for the care of various smooth leather products such as shoes, bags, clothes, sofas, etc. It is a must-have leather care product for every household.


Wuxi Hongyu Company was established in 2000 as an old brand production factory in the leather care product industry and a commissioned manufacturer of leather care products for well-known Chinese chain supermarkets. We never forget our original intention, adhere to the use of high-quality raw materials, constantly update production equipment, improve customized processing services, and provide customers with genuine and affordable products.


Generally, ordinary leather care creams on the market require an additional use of stain remover to clean the leather surface before use. Some low-quality stain removers contain excessive moisture, which can make the leather harder and harder to use. Over time, the leather will gradually become old and crack.

Wuxi Hongyu has developed this leather care cream, which is rich in leather protein and provides leather nutrients, making the leather elastic. Natural oil can penetrate deep into the skin layer, making the leather clean, soft, delicate, and shiny at a glance! The factory uses professional production equipment such as emulsifying machines, filling machines, and packaging machines to produce high-quality and stable leather care creams in a professional process.


When customizing leather care cream, customers can choose hoses of different materials, such as aluminum plastic pipes and PE pipes. You can also customize milliliters and brush heads, and print their own designs.

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