Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Canvas Shoes


Canvas shoes with their own artistic style, wearing fashionable and simple, are the favorite casual shoes for young people around the world. Canvas shoes are composed of thick rubber soles and canvas uppers, which are more prone to stains and can turn yellow over time. Timely cleaning and maintenance of canvas shoes is particularly important to keep them clean and fresh at all times.

How to clean local stains on canvas shoes

Local stains on canvas shoes are not recommended for full shoe cleaning. Frequent large-scale cleaning can lead to wear and tear of the canvas and its lifespan. At this time, the sneaker cleaner with its own brush head can be selected for local dry cleaning in a timely manner until the stains are disintegrated, then the excess foam can be wiped off with a wet cloth, and then the surface moisture can be absorbed with a paper towel, and the canvas shoes can be placed in a cool and ventilated place for air drying.


Sneaker cleaner produced by Hongyu Company, the factory of shoe care products



Hongyu Company, a shoe care products production factory in Wuxi, China, has been dedicated to research and development, production of sneaker cleaner, and continuous improvement of formulas for many years. Sneaker cleaner has excellent cleaning effects and strong stability. The factory is equipped with a complete production line, automatic labeling equipment, and packaging equipment to provide customers with high-quality and quantity OEM customized services from plastic bottle production to cleaning agent filling.



The correct method for overall cleaning of canvas shoes

If the canvas shoes are dirty in a large area and need to be cleaned as a whole, it is important to avoid soaking the shoes in water, as this can cause delamination and cracks at the joint between the canvas and the rubber sole. Be sure to choose professional cleaning agents and avoid using highly irritating laundry detergent to wash shoes, as this can cause the canvas to harden and turn yellow. You can choose sneaker cleaner with its own brush head, or sneaker foam cleaner for dry cleaning, and gently scrub the upper together with the shoe brush until the stains are removed. After cleaning, do not expose it to the sun or dehydrate it in the washing machine. Improper operation can easily cause the canvas to harden and the shoes to crack.


Sneaker foam cleaner produced by Hongyu Company, the factory of shoe care products


Daily Maintenance Guidelines for Canvas Shoes

Because canvas shoes are not waterproof, try not to wear them on rainy days. If you must wear canvas shoes for some reasons, you can spray shoe protector spray on the vamp. Shoe protector spray can effectively block water and dust.


Shoe protector spray produced by Hongyu Company, the manufacturer of shoe care products

Canvas shoes that are not worn for a long time are recommended to be stored in a shoe box to prevent moisture and dust, and then stored in a ventilated and cool place.



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