Leather care product production factory: How to store idle leather goods


A genuine leather item that won't be used all year round, such as leather clothes worn in winter and leather sandals worn in summer. Genuine leather requires reasonable care and storage in order to protect the leather and maintain its aesthetic and leather appearance.

Genuine leather goods should be cleaned and maintained before storage. If you don't do this step and store it directly, the dirt on the leather surface will continue to contaminate the leather tissue, accelerate the aging of the leather, and also cause the leather to smell and mold. Wuxi Hongyu Company is a leather care products manufacturer in China. We have selected products suitable for cleaning and maintaining genuine leather products from the leather care products produced by Hongyu Company and recommend them to you.

When cleaning genuine leather goods, leather lotion can be used. The leather lotion produced by Hongyu Company, a manufacturer of leather care products, can gently and effectively dissolve leather stains and provide leather moisture protection.

After cleaning, it is recommended to choose leather care cream produced by Hongyu Company, a leather care products manufacturer, to provide timely nutrition for genuine leather products. Leather care cream has multiple functions such as moisturizing, polishing, and mold prevention, which can achieve one-step leather care.

After cleaning and maintenance, materials such as cotton shirts and soft paper balls can be used to fill the interior of genuine leather goods to prevent deformation. Then place it in a clean cotton bag and store it in a dry and ventilated cabinet. Cotton bags can maintain air circulation and prevent leather items from drying out after long-term use.

Long term unused genuine leather products should be taken out for maintenance every 3-6 months. Use gleather care cream and a soft cloth to wipe the leather surface. Hongyu Company, the manufacturer of leather care products, also produces a variety of leather care products, such as mink oil, waterproof spray, saddle soap, leather dye, neatsfoot oil, suede cleaner, glove gel, etc. Professional research and development technology can also provide customers with new product development.

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