Do you use liquid or solid shoe polish to maintain leather shoes?


Liquid shoe polish and solid shoe polish are both popular shoe polish styles. Hongyu Company, a shoe care products manufacturer in Wuxi, China, specializes in producing various types of shoe polish, such as liquid shoe polish, solid shoe polish, paste shoe polish, and sponge shoe shine. I will introduce the difference between liquid shoe polish and solid shoe polish. Understanding the characteristics and usage methods of liquid and solid shoe polish can help you make better choices.

The main components of liquid shoe polish are water and wax, which are usually filled in plastic cans. For convenience and not dirtiness, a sponge head is added. The sponge head contains a check valve spring, which releases liquid during use and automatically closes when not in use. Simply apply evenly to the surface of the leather shoes and wait for them to air dry naturally to achieve a shiny effect without the need for additional polishing.

The main component of solid shoe polish is also wax, but the wax content is higher than that of liquid shoe polish. The function of wax is to help brighten the leather surface. Solid shoe polish with high wax content also has an anti pollution and dust prevention effect, as well as a certain water blocking effect. To use solid shoe polish, it is necessary to equip a dedicated shoe brush for waxing. After evenly applying the solid shoe polish to the upper, use a polishing cloth dipped in water to polish the leather shoe surface in small amounts and multiple times, which can achieve a more shiny effect than liquid shoe polish.

Hongyu Company, a shoe care products manufacturer in Wuxi, China, suggests that if you need to quickly polish leather shoes to enhance your image and there are no other tools available, convenient liquid shoe polish is a good choice; When daily maintenance of leather shoes, it is advisable to use solid shoe polish and professional shoe care tools to achieve a more satisfactory shine.

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