How often should be use shoe polish?

January 17, 2023

Whether it's men's formal leather shoes, women's high-heeled leather shoes, children's leather boots, leather shoes are essential shoe styles in everyone's shoe cabinet. The newly bought leather shoes generally have a high gloss, but as time goes by, the leather shoes that are not taken care of will become dull, even the leather will be broken and moldy due to damage. Therefore, daily maintenance of leather shoes is essential. The effective way to maintain the leather shoes is to apply shoe polish regularly to give the leather shoes nutrients and gloss, and extend the service life of the leather shoes.

The frequency of leather shoes maintenance depends on the frequency of wearing these shoes. For leather shoes that are often worn, it is an essential action to wipe off the dust and sewage on the surface in time after taking off, to avoid dust blocking the leather pores, and to prevent the occurrence of leather mildew and aging caused by sewage. At the same time, wipe the shoe polish every 3 days or so. At this time, you should choose shoe cream, that is, emulsifying shoe polish to supplement oil and water for leather shoes. If the shoes have been soaked by water, they should be treated with shoe polish in time after drying the water and cleaning the upper with soft cloth. The shoe cream in hose and 3-in-1 plastic box produced by Wuxi Hongyu Company, a factory of shoe care products in China, uses high-quality raw materials, and the grease can quickly penetrate into the leather, thus achieving the function of maintaining leather shoes.

Before going to important occasions, such as attending important meetings, if you want your shoes to shine quickly and improve your personal image, you can first wipe the dust on the surface of your shoes with a soft cloth or paper towel, and then use shoe polish or shoe shine to quickly polish your shoes. Choose solid shoe polish or liquid shoe polish, because this kind of shoe polish contains wax. The wax is attached to the leather surface, which can help the shoe polish emit natural luster, and has certain waterproof properties. After using solid shoe polish, it is recommended to use soft cloth for polishing, while liquid shoe polish does not need to be polished after use because of its own sponge head. It can wait for natural drying. Shoe shine is also very convenient to use. It does not need polishing. It can be polished immediately. Wuxi Hongyu Company, a manufacturer of shoe care products in China, has a complete line of shoe polish products, producing 3 kinds of solid shoe polish, 8 kinds of different bottle types of liquid shoe polish and more than 20 kinds of shoe shine.For many customers in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries, Wuxi Hongyu Company provides OEM services for shoe care products.

For leather shoes that you don't wear often, the maintenance frequency can be lower. Before storage, make sure that the leather shoes are properly cleaned and maintained before storage. First clean the leather shoes to ensure that there is no dirt on them, then use the shoe cream for maintenance, and then store them in a cotton dust bag, and store them in a cool and dry shoe cabinet. It is recommended to reapply shoe polish every four to six weeks to prevent leather drying.

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