What's the difference between shoe polish and shoe cream?

December 09, 2022

There are several types of shoe polish, generally divided into waxy iron box solid shoe polish, liquid shoe polish, and cream based shoe cream. Many people do not know the difference between them and how to choose a shoe polish that suits them. Let's study together today!

What is shoe polish?

Shoe polish can be divided into liquid and solid. One of the main components is wax. A thin layer of wax is attached to the surface of the leather shoes, which can help the leather shoes shine and have luster. At the same time, it is not affected by dirt, but also has a certain waterproof effect. However, wax will not penetrate the leather. Its biggest role is to polish the leather shoes. Just like humans use cosmetics to modify the skin, shoe polish can make the damaged leather look good again. Wuxi Hongyu Company, a shoe polish factory in Wuxi, China, has developed more than ten types of solid shoe polish and liquid shoe polish for more than 20 years, and provides product labeling and export services for customers around the world.

What is shoe cream?

Shoe cream, also known as emulsifying shoe polish, is a kind of shoe polish containing grease. The oil can penetrate into the leather, replenish the lost oil and water for the dried, hardened and cracked damaged leather, restore the leather softness and repair certain scratches. Just like human beings use skin care products to maintain the skin, shoe cream can recuperate and nourish leather shoes. Hongyu Company, a shoe polish factory in Wuxi, China, also produces various kinds of shoe creams in bottles and hoses, and has strong shoe polish development capacity.

Shoe polish VS Shoe cream

1. Shoe polish and shoe cream should be used in a small amount for many times.

2. Because it contains more wax, shoe polish is more suitable to use shoe polishing cloth or shoe brush to throw highlights on shoes and block dust and moisture.

3. Take the shoe cream as the daily maintenance product of leather shoes, which can penetrate the leather, repair the damage and extend the life of leather shoes.

4. The use of black or brown shoe cream and shoe polish can restore the color of leather shoes to a certain extent.

5. First use shoe cream to nourish the leather shoes, and then polish the leather shoes with shoe polish.

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